IonTorrent Sales Beat MiSeq Again: Macquarie Report

IonTorrent beats Illumina’s MiSeq again in the benchtop sequencing machine market, according to the latest report by Macquarie report. BioIT world reporting on the Macquarie’s analysis says that overall the benchtop sequencers market is led by IonTorrent with 62% of the benchtop sequencing market share and MiSeq with the remaining 38% of the market share. IonTorrent’s PGM has […]

The Best Benchtop Next-Gen High-Throughput Sequencer: MiSeq or Ion Torrent PGM or 454 GS Junior?

Next-gen benchtop genome sequencers are here from the three major sequencing vendors Illumina, Ion Torrent (Life Technologies), and Roche. Illumina has MiSeq, Life Technologies has Ion Torrent PGM, and Roche has 454 GS Junior. These benchtop genome sequencers promise to bring the sequencing to individual labs by cutting down the size and the cost. But, […]