Illumina Rejects Roche’s Hostile Take Over Bid

Illumina rejected outright the unsolicited to proposal by Roche to acquire Illumina for $5.7 Billion. In a press release today, Illumina announced that it is rejecting Roche take over offer because it is inadequate and is undervalued. In the letter to SEC filing Illumina cited the three main reasons for rejecting Roche’s hostile offer are […]

Illumina Responds to Roche’s Hostile $5.7B Offer to Take Over Illumina

The pharma giant Roche, has an eye on the DNA sequencing star Illumina and wants all of Illumina for its sequencing prowess. In a hostile bid to acquire Illumina, Roche came up with a proposal to Illumina share holders and offered $5.7 billions to acquire all of Illumina. Roche believes that the acquisition of Illumina […]

Illumina Launches A New Faster Sequencer HiSeq 2500

With one eye on putting genome sequencers to clinical use and another eye on its competitor life technologies’ Ion Proton I, Illumina launched a new version of its sequencer HISeq 2500. HiSeq® 2500 is Illumina’s next-generation sequencing system that that can allow researchers sequence an entire genome in approximately 24 hours, “Genome in a Day”. […]