Moleculo Technology is Available as TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kits

Moleculo synthetic long-read sequencing is now available as a library prep kit called “TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kits” from Illumina.  Moleculo was a San Francisco based startup company founded by Stephen Quake’s lab members Michael Kertesz and Dmitry Pushkarev in 2012. Moleculo long-read technology is a combination of library preparation method and computational […]

All Things Illumina Sequencing Methods

Are you interested in learning about all the applications of Illumina Sequencing methods? or a specific non-standard applications of Illumina sequencing? More specifically want to learn about the methods/technology used, related library prep. kits available, pros and cons of the assay? Illumina is out to help you find the right sequencing method and the right […]

Illumina’s New v4 Reagent Kits for HiSeq To Enable 1Tb per Run

Illumina launched new V4 reagent kits for HiSeq that will enable more output, faster and cheaper data than the current V3 reagents. The V4 reagent kit can give up to 1Tb output per run in 6 days, compared to about 600 Gb output per run in V3 reagents.  And with the new V4 kit,  a single […]

Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten in the wild at Broad Institute

Almost 50 days after the launch, Broad Institute got hold of its new toy that it ordered. Niall Lennon, the Director of Tech Dev, Clinical Applications and Automation Engineering at the Broad Genomics Platform tweeted cool pictures of HiSeq X Ten. Guess what, Broad’s HiSeq X Ten got a special emblem to tell all that […]

Illumina’s Jay Flatley at #PMWC14: Get Sequence of 1 million cancer patients in next 5 years

Illumina’s Jay Flately said at #PMWC14 that Illumina wants to have the sequence of 1 million cancer patients in a database in the next five years. And one of his personal goal is to make cancer a “chronic” disease within 10 years. Jay Flatley said Illumina support the goals of sharing large population genomic datasets […]