Paper Summary: Fast and accurate single-cell RNA-seq analysis using equivalence class counts

One of the most common applications of single-cell RNA-seq data is to use it to characterize the heterogeneity of  cell populations and identify new cell types or sub-populations.  Typically one uses single-cell RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) data, quantify gene expression on all cells and use the common gene-expression profile among the cells to characterize the cell-to-cell heterogeneity by […]

kallisto paper summary: Near-optimal RNA-seq quantification

In case you missed it, kallisto, the new RNA-seq quantification method from Lior Pachter‘s group, was one of the biggest highlights from this year’s The Biology of the Genomes conference. kallisto team made the kallisto software immediately available and the preprint describing kallisto was available at arXiv pretty soon after the #BOG15. Near-optimal RNA-Seq quantification, Nicolas Bray, […]

Kallisto, a new ultra fast RNA-seq quantitation method

[Update:] Since the post was published, a preprint on Kallisto manuscript is available. Lior Pachter has writtena blog post on pseudo-aligments and Rob Patro has a nice post on “Light weight algorithms for RNA-seq”. Here there. kallisto preprint Near-optimal RNA-Seq quantification with kallisto Rob Patro’s blog post: Not-quite alignments: Salmon, kallisto and efficient quantification of […]