Thermo Fisher Announces the Acquisition of Life Technologies

Thermo Fisher announced today that it is acquiring the Life Technologies for $13.6 billion. Life Technologies had been looking to be acquired since the beginning of the year. And the acquisition news initially came out yesterday from a WSJ report. Confirming the report, Thermo Fisher announced the acquisition news early this morning. In a press […]

Thermo Fisher Close to Acquire Life Technologies for $13 Billion: WSJ Reports

It looks like the California based Life Technologies is about to be acquired by the Massachussets based Thermo Fisher. According to the report on Wall Street Journal tonight, Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher are in advanced stages of the acquisition talk and it is expected that the companies can announce the acquisition as early as […]

NextGenSeek Stories This Week (11/1/13)

It is a pretty exciting week for all things next-generation sequencing. Illumina opened the floodgate with two acquisitions and new developments for MiSeq and HiSeq 2500. Life Technologies partnered with Boston CHildren’s hospital to start a new clinical genomics company, Claritas Genomics. PacBio laid out its plans for the year 2013. Even the ever reticent, […]

Life Technologies and Boston Children’s Hospital Launch Claritas Genomics, a New Clinical Genomics Company

Life Technologies announced that it will be launching a new Clinical Genomics company named “Claritas Genomics” in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital. Claritas Genomics will develop diagnostic testings using next-generation genetics/genomics and the majority of Claritas Genomics will be owned by Boston Children’s hospital. The hospital’s CLIA certified genetic diagnostic lab and its personnel will […]

A Brief Look at 2012 Acquisitions; Illumina, Life Technologies, and 23andMe

What a difference a year makes for Illumina. Unlike last year, Illumina has started this year on a strong foot; Roche chief says Illumina is not a must have, but nice to have and Illumina announces the acquisition of Verinata Health, a non-invasive prenatal testing company. The year 2012 was a busy year for many personal […]