IonTorrent Sales Beat MiSeq Again: Macquarie Report

IonTorrent beats Illumina’s MiSeq again in the benchtop sequencing machine market, according to the latest report by Macquarie report. BioIT world reporting on the Macquarie’s analysis says that overall the benchtop sequencers market is led by IonTorrent with 62% of the benchtop sequencing market share and MiSeq with the remaining 38% of the market share. IonTorrent’s PGM has […]

Illumina’s 2012 Fourth Quarter Highlights

Illumina announced the fourth quarter financial results yesterday. Illumina’s revenue during the fourth quarter of 2012 is $309 million, which is a 24% increase compared to the revenue of fourth quarter of 2011. Overall in the year 2012, Illumina’s revenue increased 9% from $1.06 billion in year 2011 to $1.15 billion in the year 2012. […]

Illumina Announces MiSeq Grant: Winner Gets a Free Illumina MiSeq

Illumina announces MiSeq grant and three grant winners will receive a free MiSeq, Illumina’s benchtop high-throughput sequencer.  All Illumina wants is a 500-word proposal on how you would use Illumina MiSeq to discover, innovate, or help your research.  Illumina’s MiSeq grant application is open to all researchers across the world.  No prior experience with next-generation sequencing […]

Illumina Launches A New Faster Sequencer HiSeq 2500

With one eye on putting genome sequencers to clinical use and another eye on its competitor life technologies’ Ion Proton I, Illumina launched a new version of its sequencer HISeq 2500. HiSeq® 2500 is Illumina’s next-generation sequencing system that that can allow researchers sequence an entire genome in approximately 24 hours, “Genome in a Day”. […]