NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (1/17/2014): Illumina, HiSeq X, NextSeq 500, Roadmaps

What a week for Illumina and sequencing. Illumina launched two sequencers: one for taking over the sequencing in an individual lab and the other for sequencing the world. Actually, the week started with the big news from Regeneron’s plan to sequence 100,000 individuals, But boy, that news was completely washed by Illumina-geddon. NextGenSeek stories to read […]

NextGenSeek Stories To Read This Week (02/17/13)

A lots of interesting stories on genomics came out in the last few weeks. For example, just within a span of two weeks days, BGI got featured in three big popular press. First Bloomburg Business Week claimed “BGI’s Young Chinese Scientists Will Map Any Genome”, later MIT Technology review gave us an inside look at […]

NextGenSeek Stories This Week (19/1/2013)

Here is NextGenSeek stories to read this weekend. The NextGenSeek stories covers interesting interviews of Anne Wojcick on 23andMe and George Church on cloning Neanderthals. In addition, this week’s news on genomics is dominated by a publication in Science journal that showed how anonymized genome data can be used  to predict surnames.  We have the […]

NextGenSeek Stories This Week (11/1/13)

It is a pretty exciting week for all things next-generation sequencing. Illumina opened the floodgate with two acquisitions and new developments for MiSeq and HiSeq 2500. Life Technologies partnered with Boston CHildren’s hospital to start a new clinical genomics company, Claritas Genomics. PacBio laid out its plans for the year 2013. Even the ever reticent, […]

NextGenSeek’s Stories This Week (03/01/13)

Had a nice long break and missed all the interesting happenings in genomics? Almost all blogs and journals have reviewed 2012 happenings in genomics. So here is the extra long list of interesting links as part of NextGenSeek’s link roundup. It will be a great read for the upcoming weekend. BioIT World: Encyclopedia Genomica: UK Scientists Print […]