Oxford Nanopore MinION Gets Ready for Shipping

Here is the latest news on Oxford Nanopore’s MinION early access program. Oxford Nanopore’s MinIONs are getting ready to be shipped to the selected researchers as part of the MinION early access program.  Ewan Birnet, Associate Director at the EMBL-EBI and a consultant at Oxford nanopore tweeted pictures of MinION from Oxford Nanopore HQ. Visiting my […]

Oxford Nanopore Lets Selected Researchers Try Out MinION #ASHG2013

Oxford Nanopore seems to have begun the “earliest” access program at ASHG 2013. It looks like Oxford Nanopore have allowed selected researchers to try out running sequencing experiments using MinION. Yes, this is not just showing off the MinION at Oxford Nanopore booth. OmicsOmicsBlog’ Keith robinson and Daniel MacArthur tweeted photos with them running sequencing […]

Oxford Nanopore Launches MinION Access Program: #ASHG2013

Oxford Nanopore announced today that it is launching early MinION Access Program to any researcher. The registration for the early access program will be open in late November. To participate in the early access program one has to a refundable $1000 deposit and the researcher will receive MinION system. At the first look, it looks […]

Oxford Nanopore Raises $64 Million

Oxford Nanopore is in the news again after a long hiatus. No, this is not about the sequencing data or expected date of its launch.  Oxford Nanopore announced that it has raised  £40 million ($64 million) from new and existing investors from US and Europe. Oxford Nanopore did make a splash at last year’s ASHG […]