PacBio Launches PacBio RS II Sequencer

Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) announced that it is launching its next version of PacBio sequencer, PacBio RS II.  The new PacBio RS II can produce 5,000 bp read lengths on an average and the longest reads are above 20,000 bp in length.  In addition, in the new PacBio RS II,  PacBio has doubled the number of simultaneously […]

PacBio Aims to Reach Average Read of Lengths of 7000-9000 Bases in 2013

PacBio, the next-gen sequencing technology company, announced that PacBio is looking to improve upon on read length, accuracy, and throughput in 2013. Revealing its goals in a blog post describing its technology roadmap, PacBio said it has many improvements coming to the PacBio RS starting from the first half of 2013 and it can eliminate the limit on read length […]

PacBio Upgrades Increases Average Read Length to 5000 Bases

Just a few hours ahead of ASHG Annual Meeting at San Francisco (ASHG12), Pacific Biosciences announced improvements to its sequencing system, that will enable PacBio RS to sequence longer reads. The new upgrades to DNA Sequencing Chemistry and Software increases PacBio RS’s average read length from 3,000 bases to 5,000 bases and the reads can be […]

Comparing Price and Tech. Specs. of Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM, 454 GS Junior, and PacBio RS

Recently multiple groups have compared the performance of current next-gen sequencing technologies.  Independent comparisons of different next-gen sequencing machines have given us a good view of what one can expect from these constantly changing technologies. Apart from performance,  it is also good to know about price and tech. spec. differences – a much easier aspects […]

Comparing the Performance of Three Next-Gen Sequencers; Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM and PacBio RS

The chase to sequence a human genome for $1000 has led many sequencing technology companies to update their sequencers really fast and are coming up sequencers for the mass. One interesting question that everyone interested in next-gen sequencing data wants to ask is what is the best sequencing platform. Although the answer to the question depending […]