Is It Time to Bet on Genomics?

Forbes has an interesting article by the reputed Genome Scientist/Technologist and Stanford professor, Ron Davis arguing for putting our bet on the success of genomics. It is a good article, but surprisingly just focused on one startup company. Is it time to bet on Genomics? Hell. yeah even if there is more hype on it to […]

Pathway Genomics and 23andMe Team with Harvard and U. Michigan to Address the Impact of Personal Genomic Tests

Pathway Genomics and 23andMe, the consumer genomics companies, have teamed up with Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and University of Michigan to study the impact of personal genomics studies. The impact of personal genomics study named PGen, hopes to throw more light on the expectations of consumers of personal genomic services, their motivations […]

23andMe Reduces DNA Testing Kit Prize and Removes Subscription Plan

23andMe the personal genomics company based in California announced that it is modifying its pricing structure for its genetic test kit. The biggest upshot is that 23andMe’s personal genomic service prize is just one time $299, instead of fixed one time payment plus monthly subscription of $9 for a year. 23andMe is saying that the […]

23andMe Discount: $23 Off On Personal Genome Kit

Holidays are almost here.   The personal genomics company, 23andMe is enticing with a special discount offer on its Personal Genome Kit offer,  to make the holidays little bit more interesting for the curious minds.   On 23andMe’s website, 23andMe is advertising $10 off from its $99  genome kit (plus $9 per month subscription for […]